“We have been advising Equity Estate for over 15 years and have greatly enjoyed the relationship and seamless collaboration with the Equity Estate team.

Jean-François Vandenberghe, Lawyer (partner), Baker & McKenzie, Brussels

Real estate Investment & Development

Equity Estate is a ‘boutique practice’ for real estate investment and development. In close cooperation with JV Partners, we develop unique, intelligent, and solid solutions and services in real estate investments and developments. We support our partners in investing in direct real estate by setting up an appropriate structure, combination of joint ventures and real estate portfolios, asset management, buying and selling of objects.


What we stand for

  • Partnerships taken seriously
  • Quality over quantity  
  • Being the best rather than being the biggest 
  • Creating real value that lasts
  • Professional, ethical and relationship driven
  • We co-invest alongside our partners to align interests

Equity Estate aims to be the best real estate manager in The Netherlands, investing in strong real estate with long-term perspective and with partners that fit our way of thinking. We co-invest alongside our partners to align interests.

We facilitate our joint venture partners on a full range of services by offering complete financial administration, reporting, coordination of tax and audit, complete commercial management and directing property management and leasing activities. We provide the full range of direct asset management. 

Key values

  • Attention — accuracy, quality, and customization are our top priorities.
  • Ownership — we serve our partners by being responsible, committed and dedicated.
  • Integrity & Transparency — we respect our partners’ values, standards, and interests.