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History Equity Estate

Equity Estate has acquired the Eempolis office building, of almost 32,000 sqm and 350 parking spaces and located at Station Amersfoort Centraal. The state-of-the-art building has been awarded with a 'BREEAM-very good' rating and an energy label A. The building is let to 20 different tenants, including Arcadis, Dutch Railways (NS) and the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB). The investment amounted to approx. EUR 70 million.


Hill Top 3 Limited, a joint venture between Equity Estate and Arzan Wealth (DIFC), has purchased the RTL office at Media Park in Hilversum from Media Park Enterprise.

The office buildings have a total lettable floor area of approximately 17,300 sqm and 161 parking spaces in the underground parking garage. Located at Barend en van Dorpweg 2 the buildings are part of the Media Park. All buildings are awarded with an energy label A and have been leased on a long-term basis to RTL Nederland. The investment amounts to approx. EUR 38 million.


Equity Estate and area developer AM have become JV-partners in ‘Crossover’, a mixed-use building under construction. AM is a subsidiary company of the Royal BAM Group, listed at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

 Crossover is situated at the corner of exit A10 Zuid and the Europaboulevard, near Hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI and next to Terrace Tower. It provides a new impulse to the eastern part of the South Axis, which means that the Kop Zuidas sub-area will continue to develop into a vibrant and sustainable district in the coming years. The construction started in February 2021 and delivery of Crossover is expected in June 2023.  

Crossover comprises some 12,000 sqm office space, 120 starter units for housing association De Key, 10 owner-occupied houses, some 350 sqm for a restaurant and 500 sqm for social functions. Under the building a parking garage with 80 parking spaces will be realised of which six are for ‘shared mobility’ for future tenants.


Equity Estate Group, owner of the Queristics portfolio, has sold a strategic logistics park on the outskirts of the German town of Kassel to Verdion European Logistics Fund 1 (VELF1) for EUR 28 million.

With this transaction Queristics has fully amortized the recapitalization by Partners Group.


Equity Estate Group, owner of the Queristics portfolio, divested the 34,000 sqm logistics asset in Willebroek after leasing the building to Eutraco in July 2020. The asset was part of the Queristics portfolio and has been sold to GLP, a leading investor and developer of logistics warehouses and distribution parks.


Equity Estate and HighBrook Investors divest Groothandelsgebouw by way of a share transaction to Jamestown. The real estate value in this transaction amounted to EUR 289mn. 
Groothandelsgebouw is a 120,000 sqm office building on the prime hot spot in Rotterdam. 


Equity Estate and Arzan Wealth acquire the three Quarter Offices in Amsterdam - Sloterdijk, amounting to approx. 26,000 sqm of grade A office space, investment over EUR 90 million.


Bruegel has appointed Equity Estate as the asset manager for the office building Stadhouderslaan 900 in Zoeterwoude. The building measures approx. 9,366 sqm and offers 252 parking spaces in the underlying parking garage. The building was completed in 2014 and has an energy label A. The office building is let to Siemens for a long-term basis.


In 2018 Equity Estate advised HighBrook Investors on the delisting of Groohandelsgebouwen NV, which was listed in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The listed entity owned one building, the 'Groothandelsgebouw' in Rotterdam CBD, with over 100,000 sqm of offices, retail and restaurants, housing over 400 companies and 5,000 people. Equity Estate took over the asset management of the building together with the local management in place. Financing secured with Berlin Hyp.


Equity Estate has succesfully acquired the first acquisition for its partner Blue Horizon Investors, the office building Blaak16 in Rotterdam. The building compromises over 15,000 sqm of office space in Rotterdam CBD, and was rewarded a Breaam Excellent certificate and a WELL certificate.
Equity Estate secured financing with Berlin Hyp.


Partners Group and Equity Estate recapitalize the Queristics Investment Portfolio.


In 2018 Equity Estate divested the remaining buildings in the Real Estate Holding portfolio. The fund reached the end of its lifetime after approximately 12 years. In Germany 7 buildings were divested, in Belgium 2 buildings and in the Netherlands the remaining 2 buildings were divested. 

The remaining entities and structures will be liquidated in 2018-2019.


In 2017 Equity Estate acquired the NWO building in The Hague - Beatrixkwartier, together with Arzan Wealth. The building compromises of 13,500 sqm of offices and a long term lease of NWO.

Equity Estate secured financing with Bayern LB.


In 2016 Equity Estate acquired the first acquisition of HighBrook Investors in The Netherlands. Since then, HighBrook Investors has invested over $1 billion in equity capital. Below an overview of the buildings which Equity Estate acquired on behalf of HighBrook Investors.

  • December 2016, Amsterdam, Quarter Plaza
  • December 2016, Rijswijk, Vredenoord
  • April 2017, Amstelveen, Parktoren
  • May 2017, Amsterdam, Quarter Podium
  • October 2017, Rotterdam, Blaak 333
  • April 2018, Utrecht, Le Mirage

2016 - Present

In 2016 Equity Estate launched a new venture named Propco. Since then sixbuildings were acquired with a total investment of € 45 million of which one has been divested in 2018 as well.

  • June 2016 Propco acquired Vierlinghstraat in Dordrecht, the investment amounted to approx. € 4.7 million;
  • December 2016 Propco acquired Bankijkerweg in Rijnsburg, the investment amounted to approx. € 5.8 million;
  • March 2017 Propco acquired Claudiuslaan 62, in Beuningen, the investment amounted to approx. € 5.5 million;
  • July 2017 Propco acquired their Galwin 2 in Amsterdam, the investment amounted to approx. € 10.0 million;
  • December 2017 Propco acquired Zuidbaan 525-527 in Moordrecht, the investment amounted to approx. € 4.2 million;
  • December 2018 Propco acquired IJsseldijk 29 in Apeldoorn, the investment amounted to approx. € 12.6 million;
  • December 2018 Propco divested Bankijkerweg in Rijnsburg, the sale price amounted to approx. € 7.7 million.

Propco’s target size is an investment of approx. EUR 50 million, consisting of a portfolio of strong buildings in the Netherlands with long leases and good covenants.

2016 - Present

Equity Estate has successfully secured refinancing for two logistic assets through a new loan provided by Deutsche Bank. It concerns two single tenant logistic properties located at Schiphol-Rijk and Amsterdam Westpoort (Koolhovenlaan 35-45 and Lipariweg 6). The two properties are held separately in 2 Dutch SPV’s, owned through a joined venture with Arab Bank



Equity Estate sources four office investments for MCAP Global Finance and performed the complete due diligence and negotiations until closing. The four buildings were acquired in three transactions and the investment amounted to over € 83 million.

  • Hoofddorp, Zuidtoren, acquired from a Dutch institutional investor
  • Almere, USG headquarters, acquired from an Italian fund
  • Delft and Den Haag, acquired from a Dutch development company


AB Alternative Fund SICAV-SIF was launched by Arab Bank in Spring 2016. In 2016 AB Alternative Fund SICAV-SIF acquired AB CPFM Europroperty Fund, a joint venture created between Arab Bank and Equity Estate in 2003. AB Alternative Fund SICAV-SIF is a semi-open ended fund, registered in Luxembourg. The initial investments were made between 2003 and 2006, amounting over EUR 132 million.

In April 2018 Equity Estate sold its 7.5% stake in the joint venture to the fund and in July 2018 Equity Estate resigned as asset manager and propco director for the joint venture.


Equity Estate divests several office and industrial buildings in Belgium from the AB CPFM Europroperty Fund Group:

  • Rue de la Science, Brussels sold to a private investor
  • Rue Royale, Brussels sold to Municipality of Brussels
  • St Niklaasstraat, Gent sold to University of Leuven
  • Hoge Wei, Zaventem sold to a local private investor
  • Rue Belliard 4-6 and Rue Belliard 15-17, Brussels sold to a local private investor/developer
  • Rue Royale, Brussels and Dreve Richelle, Waterloo, sold to an institutional investor

2014 - 2015

Equity Estate leases almost 90,000 m² to new tenants and prolongations with existing tenants. Several debt facilities are renewed.


Equity Estate renews and prolongs debt facilities and leases over 90,000 m² to new tenants and prolongations with existing tenants.


Equity Estate leases over 40,000 m² to new tenants.


Equity Estate acquires two warehouses in Belgium (Meer and Oevel) let to Vos Logistics, for the Equity Estate Europroperty Fund, totalling over 25,000 m². 


Equity Estate launches a second joint venture with Arab Bank. Equity Estate participates for 5% in this joint venture. Acquisitions amounting to € 101 million in Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands were made, focussing on logistics and offices. Investments were acquired in the period 2006 – 2008.

2006 - Present

Equity Estate creates a joint venture with Kuwait Finance House KSC, named Queristics Investment Group. For this investor an Islamic Capital type of product has been created (a Sharia Compliant non-listed real estate vehicle). There is a sponsor commitment of € 70 million with an option for an additional € 30 million. 

Equity Estate participates for 5% in the joint venture. The first acquisitions, real estate situated in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, amounted to more than € 55 million. Early 2010 a newly developed office building was acquired increasing the investment volume to € 74 million.


Equity Estate acquires a retail portfolio situated in Germany owned by VastNed Retail Germany, comprising 23 properties, and with an investment value of almost € 200 million, on behalf of Züblin Immobilien Holding AG. Equity Estate acts on behalf of Züblin Immobilien Holding AG in several other acquisitions and sales.


Equity Estate creates a joint venture with Arab Bank, in which Equity Estate economically participates for 7.5%, named AB CPFM Europroperty Fund Group. Total sponsor commitment amounts to € 50 million. The first joint venture, gross invested asset value € 132 million, has/had real estate in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Investments were acquired in the period 2003 – 2006.

2003 - Present

Equity Estate is appointed as the manager of Sarakreek Holding NV, a Dutch listed real estate company (work-out assignment). Enrico van Erkelens is appointed as the CEO of the listed company Sarakreek Holding NV. Ultimo 2003 the only asset of the listed company, L’Enfant Plaza in Washington DC, USA, with an investment value of more than USD 230 million, was divested. Finally, in 2005 Equity Estate liquidated the company in close consultation with the regulatory bodies and main shareholder after the completion of a public bid for the shares of Sarakreek Holding NV.


Equity Estate is mandated by Züblin Immobilien Holding AG for the management and completion of a public bid on the shares of the listed real estate company European City Estates NV, including the coordination of the financial, commercial and technical property due diligence. Enrico van Erkelens is appointed as the CEO of European City Estates NV until delisting.


Züblin Immobilien Holding AG mandates Equity Estate for the asset management of their International portfolio. After several acquisitions the portfolio comprised of almost 70 properties situated in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands, amounting to over € 700 million of Asset Under Management. 


Equity Estate creates a new joint venture, in which Equity Estate participates for 50%. This joint venture acquired and (re)developed the European Distribution Centre for Mexx, the clothing company in Voorschoten, amounting to over 20,000 m². In mid-2002 Equity Estate divests the building to ABN AMRO Bouwfonds Vastgoedfonds VII Distrifonds II Nederland CV.


Equity Estate acquires the office building of over 40,000 m², called ‘The Book’, located on Teleport, Amsterdam along the A10, let to the Dutch tax authorities. 

Later that year ‘The Book’ was sold to the listed company Schroders European Property Fund NV, since then renamed into Eurocommercial Properties NV. The investment value amounted to approximately € 84 million.


Equity Estate founded by Enrico van Erkelens, Leon Vié and Jolande Lansink