Working with Equity Estate is a real pleasure. This company has a good sense of management and keeps its promises and deadlines.

Thierry Devresse, General Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions Belgium

Real estate (company) management

Equity Estate is a full service ‘boutique’ management company. We are solely focused on real estate. We service a selected group of investors focussing on industrial, logistic and office buildings in Benelux and Germany. 

Equity Estate aims to be the best real estate (company) manager in The Netherlands, investing in strong real estate with long-term perspective and with partners that fit our way of thinking. We facilitate our investors and joint venture partners on a full range of services by offering complete company management and financial administration, reporting, coordination of tax and audit, complete commercial management and directing property management and leasing activities.

 We provide the full range of direct asset management as well as real estate company management. 

What we stand for

  • Partnerships taken seriously
  • Quality over quantity  
  • Being the best rather than being the biggest 
  • Creating real value that lasts
  • Professional, ethical and relationship driven
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Management services

Our services include taking responsibility for the day-to-day affairs such as the financial reporting, corporate secretarial work as well as the obligatory reporting to the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and coordinating tax fillings and audits. We have full control over outsourced technical services. Beside the day-to-day management we help our partners to build solid investment portfolios by sourcing off market investment opportunities that meet the investor’s requirements. We run the complete acquisition, due diligence and coordinate the advice on structuring and legal implementations. We avoid competition between clients.


Our firm offers a thorough understanding of the real estate market, on national and international level, providing a full commercial management, directing property management, executing leasing activities and handling the full (consolidated) financial reporting in Dutch GAAP/IFRS. This positions our company as a trusted partner in managing property companies of international investors and private equity firms.

Key values

  • Attention — accuracy, quality, and customization are our top priorities.
  • Ownership — we serve our partners by being responsible, committed and dedicated.
  • Integrity & Transparency — we respect our partners’ values, standards, and interests.
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